Vacant Homes Program

Vacant home
The Vacant Homes Program connects people who are seeking short-to-medium term housing with property developers who wish to rent out their vacant properties that are slated for redevelopment or demolition but are otherwise livable.

The program began in 2013 as a test project between Chimo Community Services and local property developer Balandra Development, who offered to house a number of individuals and families who are in dire need of affordable housing in their vacant properties that have been sitting empty while awaiting for building permit approvals.

The project led to very successful outcomes, and offered much needed stability and relief to many individuals and families who often faced multiple barriers in securing traditional rental housing. For the property developer, the arrangement also represented a cost-saving measure as occupied homes can bring in rental income and do not require the same costly security measures that would otherwise need to be put in place for empty homes.

For more information on the Vacant Homes Program, please see the following information sheet: Vacant Home Program

If you are a local property developer and is interested in participating in the Vacant Homes Program. Please contact Roberto Manzano, Supportive Housing Coordinator, at 604-279-7077.