For Tenants

Through a series of discussion groups we heard from new homeowners and long-time landlords. We talked to retirees and young professionals, people with families, and newcomers to our city. Across all demographics and sectors one thing came up – there is a huge need for affordable rental solutions to Richmond's housing crunch.

We found that a primary concern of tenants was finding housing within their income ranges so they have enough left over for essentials like food, transportation and utilities. This is especially true for renters with families.

Renters also said didn’t feel they had enough information about their rights and responsibilities and sometimes felt they were taken advantage of. And because they would be essentially sharing the same dwelling with the homeowner, they were concerned about their privacy being respected

Our resource section has tips on finding safe and reliable housing, managing conflict with landlords, and your rights and responsibilities. We regularly host workshops on this topic. Sign up for more info, and become a member to access housing listings from our registry.