About Rental Connect

In 2012, the Richmond Poverty Response Committee piloted an innovative project to build a “made in Richmond” solution to our housing crunch.

Best practices from other cities show that secondary suites, coach houses and garden flats are the best and fastest way to create more rental space. Plus, secondary suites are a great way for homeowners to supplement their income, while creating affordable housing solutions in the community.

In order to connect rental units and suitable tenants, the Rental Connect project has been developed. Rental Connect will help to alleviate current access and cost pressures in the Richmond affordable rental market, by encouraging the development of affordable secondary suites, and establishing an information clearinghouse to match tenants seeking affordable housing with new and existing landlords.

The service, free to both parties, includes rental listings, advertising, information on the Residential Tenancy Act, and one- stop access to applications to the Housing Registry for subsidized housing.

Rental Connect will also work alongside the City to promote and educate the community about the use of secondary suites as an affordable housing option and help to increase the supply of rental accommodation overall.

In December 2015, operations of the Richmond Rental Connect was passed on from the Richmond Poverty Response Committee to Chimo Community Services.

Chimo is well positioned to improve and expand on Rental Connect's foundations by provide additional services that are share the common goal of connecting people to affordable housing and preventing loss of housing.